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For every purchase that I receive I donate a portion of my income to Black Maternal Health and Native Sovereignty organizations. Thank you for making these donations possible.  


Do you need feel ungrounded and unmoored?

Are you struggling to navigate personal relationships or parenting?  

Have you experienced a traumatic birth?

Welcome, Wild One~

Are you ready? Ready to uncover and claim your inherent joy and pleasure, to feel secure and grounded in your root, and to walk easefully in your own skin? I assist people in these ways:


  • Address pelvic pain, incontinence, and prolapse

  • Heal from birth, gynecological, and sexual trauma

  • Prepare your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies for birth

  • Balance your menstrual cycle and find joy in your body

  • Attend to anorgasmia and other sexual concerns

  • Resolve intimacy issues between partners


Who do I work with?

Although many of the clients who walk through my door are cis-gendered women in the birth continuum, I also work with a whole host of other individuals. I work with cis-gendered men and women who are seeking scar tissue remediation, nervous system balancing, or sexuality help; and transgender and non-binary folks in developing pleasure patterns in their bodies and recovering from surgery.

That is to say- if you have a nervous system, let's regulate it. If you have trauma, let's address it. If you have a menstrual cycle, let's make sure it's healthy and pain free. If you have surgical scars whether from birth, laparoscopy, gender re-assignment, appendectomy, etc. let's free those tissues. If you want to find pleasure or explore your own sexual being, let's do it. I intend for my session space to feel comfortable and welcoming to people of any gender, race, age, and sexual orientation.

Welcome Home. 

My name is Prairie, and I offer in-person sessions in Missoula, MT as well virtual sessions for those farther afield. People tend to find me for help with birth trauma resolution, pelvic floor dysfunction, integrating sexual expression, developing healthy intimacy, menstrual cycle balancing, and postpartum care and education.

The work that I offer brings together a unique set of skills and trainings to assist people in finding comfort in their bodies and power in their lives. I work with folks from all walks of life, in all relational dynamics, and in all bodies. 


What are sessions like?

All session are highly individualized depending on your needs, intentions, and goals. Please book a free 20 minute phone consultation to talk about how my skills may be helpful for your journey to sexual and reproductive health.  My sessions often incorporate hands-on touch during Somatic Experiencing processing. This means that you might be laying on a massage table while I gently rest my hands on your body and we converse about your felt sensations.  

I book individual sessions for:

  • Sexual, Reproductive, and Gynecological Trauma recovery

  • Addressing postpartum pelvic pain and incontinence 

  • Preparing the physical and emotional self for birth

  • Balancing the menstrual cycle

  • Holistic Pelvic Care 

  • Cranialsacral Therapy

  • Anorgasmia and other Sexual Concerns

  • Resolving Interpersonal Intimacy Issues between partners

  • Cranialsacral Therapy

  • Somatic Experiencing

Explore the site to learn more. And if you're curious but not sure, please use the contact button and shoot me an inquiry.


What are People Saying?

I just want to express huge gratitude to you.

I am so grateful to have met you and began this work together. I feel so safe and held, and lovingly seen by you. Our sessions have become a very important part of my self care and I’m so happy about that. 


What a fantastic session. Although it was not my conscious intention, I freed up significant range of motion  in my shoulder that I’ve been getting lots of hands-on therapy for with several different modalities, but had reached a block of sorts.  Repairing and reconnecting that part of my energy field behind my scapula  and I now have a tool/ sensation I can engage to continue to heal and integrate.  I was very curious about somatic experiencing and I’m very grateful for the way you held space, direction and focus for me to investigate the healing that needs to take place and perform it myself with your support and empathy


Prairie provides an embodied learning experience designed to heal and restore the whole person. After the pregnancies and the cesarean and vaginal births of my two children, I knew I needed an attuned healer to help reintegrate my experience with my body-mind, or my physical, emotional, and expressive aspects of self. Prairie helped to soften my c-section scar tissue, generously supported my emotional processes, and empowered me to rekindle a relationship with myself. I began to reconnect with expressions of my pre-motherhood self. I am now discovering more joy in the subtleties of life and give myself more permission to seek pleasurable experiences. Prairie exhibits client-centered and mindful presence, and all sessions are grounded with informed consent. I strongly encourage all people to explore this amazing healing modality, especially postpartum mothers.

Caitlin, Mother of 2 

Prairie's gentle techniques and inspired response relieved my issues and freed my body to do the work of healing. The first consultations was healing after abdominal surgery and around the issues created by scar tissue. A few sessions with Prairie and the tightness has loosened up considerably. Prairie has also assisted me with sciatic nerve pain through cranialsacral therapy. Although it is not an instant cure, it has allowed my body to relax into a position from it could strengthen and heal. I will be going to Prairie as the need arises. 

Sally, Grandmother

When I first decided to work with Prairie it was fueled by curiosity. I knew I had briefly touched sexuality but it was a vast subject that I knew invited much more depth than I was familiar with. It was almost overwhelming to know where to start. After the first session with Prairie, my wheels started turning and I realized there was so much more to learn, to feel, to experience. Our sessions expanded into much more than simple sexuality. It began the practice of body awareness and of learning the subtle ways my body communicates with me.

Sam, Yoga Teacher

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