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INNATE Postpartum Care- Planning for the Fourth Trimester


Fall 2021:

Wednesdays in October: October 6, 13, 20, 27

5:30-7:30pm MDT

Dates don't work for you? Inquire about privates and semi-private classes.

$297 regular price.

50% scholarships available. Please contact me for inquiry. 

Mother-centered care for family wellness, rooted in revitalized community support

Planning for the fourth trimester is essential to assure long term health for the new mother. Known as the Cuarentena in Mexico, the Golden Month in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and The Sacred Window in Ayurveda, the first 6 weeks after the birth of a baby is recognized around the world is being essential to avoid depletion and maintain health.

By planning properly for the postpartum period, families can be prepared to fully support the new mother-baby dyad. Adequate, physiological care can reduce rates of perinatal mood disorders, increase healthy attachment in babies, ease breastfeeding challenges, prevent pelvic organ prolapse, prevent autoimmune disorders, and speed physical recovery.

We will cover the 5 essential components of postpartum care and help each family develop their own care plans. These are:

  • The power of profound rest to safeguard the birthing parent’s pelvic, hormonal, and mental health,

  • The importance of postpartum nutrition to boost short and long-term wellness and support milk production,

  • The benefit of body work for birth integration, detoxification, and tissue healing,

  • The wisdom of warming practices, to facilitate physical healing and increase oxytocin,

  • The foundation of community, how that looks for you, your family, and your specific needs.

Class will be held online over four weekends; attendance of all classes strongly recommended. This class will NOT be recorded. 

This course is designed to be taken by mothers AND members of their support systems (partners, friends, family, etc.) so that parents can focus on integration of the information and not tasked with also disseminating the knowledge. 


Re-Igniting Intimacy




Payment required for registration


Big life changes can affect our intimate relationships in profound ways. Many new parents discover that adding a baby to the family brings challenges to sexuality, libido, intimacy, and communication in ways they were not prepared for.


Re-Igniting Intimacy is an experiential embodiment workshop specifically designed for parents, but appropriate for any couple desiring to rebuild intimate connection.


This 3 hour workshop is designed to help couples slow down and connect, explore new communication patterns, and learn about how natural changes in sexuality impact how we choose to connect.

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Take Back the Speculum

Dates: Canceled until further notice

I know, I know- take back the mother effing what?? For some of us, speculums have brought a great deal of physical pain and/or emotional anguish, and it's understandable that you may not immediately jump at the chance to interact with one outside of a medical appointment. 

For others, the thought of getting that intimate with our own internal anatomy is little....scary. 

I get it. 

And that's exactly why I'm hosting this event. 

During this 3 hour gathering we will normalize anatomy and anatomical differences, discuss our experiences with pelvic pain and pelvic pleasure, witness and connect with our own bodies, and- perhaps most importantly- empower you to be in control during your own gynecological appointments. 

You'll learn about the difference sizes of speculums, the different ways of placing them, how asking a medical provider to slow down or make eye contact may support you during appointments. You'll get a chance to ask questions, share stories, and be your whole self. 

When you take the step to SEE your own internal anatomy and recognize it as a part of your own beautiful and vibrant self, something shifts.

Your sense of agency around your gynecological decisions shift. Your sense of power in your pelvis shifts.

You not only realize that your anatomy is TOTALLY NORMAL, but also amazing and beautiful.

I need people to pre-register for this workshop so that I can pay for the space (which is totally beautiful and private). If you know you're interested, please register early. 😘

You  may register by sending me an email at and making your donation to


Monthly Sacred Sexuality Salon


Spring Dates 2021 coming soon

$10 - 20 suggested donation


Payment required for registration


These evening gatherings vary in content month to month; they are a facilitated space to hold open conversations around our sexual experiences, desires, expectations and fears; to learn about boundaries and consent in an embodied fashion; to explore the felt sense; to deepen our self trust; and to build personal agency. I believe that our sexual and sensual selves are a beautiful and powerful part of our humanness, and I invite you to join us in our explorations of agency, consent, and pleasure. These gatherings do not include nudity or genital touch.

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Community Cuddle


When: Canceled until further notice

Cost: suggested donation of $5-10. Nobody turned away due to funds. 

Need more touch in your life? Just want a good spoonin’? Join Missoula’s Monthly Community Cuddle.

The Community Cuddle is a facilitated space to discover and engage in non-sexual connection with others. Our intent is to provide you with a safe space to explore nurturing and compassionate touch, practice engaged agency, and build communication skills.

We ask that all those interested in participating attend a preliminary workshop starting at 6:30 pm to cover ground rules around consent and boundaries. The space will then be available for cuddling until 9pm. All bodies welcome. You must be willing to hold inclusive space regardless of gender, sexuality, race or ability. Dehumanizing language will not be tolerated.

We ask for $5-10 donations to help cover the cost of the space and to help support the continuation of monthly cuddle events. We also love connecting with folks willing to volunteer time to assist in set up and take down of the space.

Community Rules help us keep our space intentional and inclusive:

1) Wear comfy clothes, like pajamas or sweats. Bonus points if you bring a pillow!
2) Clothing stays on during the entire event
3) To support those with chemical sensitivities, we aim to make this is a scent free environment. Please come clean and refrain from wearing any scented products, laundry detergent included.
4) You must ask permission to touch another person during any part of the open cuddle, and receive a verbal “Yes”
5) You’re encouraged to say no, or to change your mind at any point

Prairie Wolfe, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, will facilitate the Community Cuddle.