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Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction

Online sessions available


Holistic Care for Vulvas and Vaginas

(and any pelvis)

Has your desire for sex changed since having children?

Do you leak urine when you sneeze, cough, or run?

Does pelvic pain limit your life?

Are you interested in non-surgical options for prolapse?


There is an inherent connection between the state of our pelvises and our emotional well-being.

If your physician has recommended surgery for your pelvic dysfunction, I encourage you to seek alternative care first. While surgery may be necessary for some bodies, it is often best to seek healing through non-invasive techniques first. Surgery can result in ongoing or increased pain and incontinence, and always results in additional scar tissue and tissue trauma. 

Holistic Pelvic and Well Womb Care

I offer comprehensive holistic pelvic care. Together we address pelvic pain during pregnancy, postpartum, or otherwise; painful menstrual cycles; c-section and birth scar tissue remediation; postpartum mental health; miscarriage, abortion, birth, and sexual trauma resolution. My intention is to bring you a feeling of comfort and safety in your own body. 


Working with me is different than working with a physical therapist. Physical therapists focus largely on the biomechanics- tight muscles and pelvic tilt, for example. My work focuses more heavily on the interdependence of the emotional and physical bodies. When we're in session together, we're tracking the stories, memories, emotions, and sensations that your body is experiencing. 

I explore how your biomechanics, biochemistry, emotions, and scar tissue may be affecting your pelvic health. Below are a few of the modalities I may bring into each session.

Pelvic Mapping

Pelvic mapping is a useful tool in resolving pelvic pain resulting from birth, sexual trauma, and surgery. We bring awareness to the pelvis through mindful touch and secure presence to create space for realignment of the tissues and find resolutions for issues including:

Holistic Pelvic Care (TM)

I offer the work pioneered by Tami Lynn Kent, PT, author of Wild Feminine and Mothering From Your Center. This work if often interwoven with pelvic mapping sessions, or can be its own stand alone session. HPC ties together energetic work with physical touch. I especially value this work for integrating birth experiences, miscarriages, abortions, and surgical procedures such as hysterectomies. 


Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant and Postpartum Bodies (TM)

The pelvis must move and open profoundly during birth. For many birthing parents, the pelvis remains in this 'open birthing pattern' long after birth. This work, originating from Lynn Schulte, PT, is effective in reducing pelvic girdle pain and bringing pelvic and abdominal muscles back online after birth. 

Somatic Experiencing (TM)

As part of any pelvic mapping session, we will also employ aspects from Somatic Experiencing to track, sequence through, and discharge emotion or trauma. This body-based approach to trauma resolution builds resiliency in the nervous system and increases interoception. I also offer stand alone SE sessions. 

Pelvic Steaming

Additionally, we may find pelvic steaming to be helpful for your menstrual health, fertility, and pelvic health (also known as vaginal or yoni steaming). Pelvic steaming has been shown to improve postpartum healing, balance menstrual cycles, reduce cramping, and address ongoing yeast of BV infections. 

  • Birth injuries

  • Chronic pelvic pain

  • Pain with intercourse

  • Urinary and fecal incontinence

  • Organ prolapse

OhNut! For Painfree Intercourse

Ohnut is a soft, silicone buffer used around the shaft of a partner's penis, fingers, or toy to reduce pain with penetration. Use code Somatic7 to get $7 off your order.

 Beyond Pain 

The pelvis is the foundation of our body; it houses the first and second chakras, associated with groundedness, security, creativity, sexuality, intimacy, and relating. An imbalance in the pelvis can leave you feeling agitated, ungrounded, or lost.


I primarily work with postpartum bodies, but being a parent is not a pre-requisite to seeking care. In fact, I work with all genders and life stages (as long as you are over the age of 18 for any internal pelvic work).

Pelvic mapping is a modality available and beneficial to all genders and genitalia. In fact, mapping can be quite helpful for both cis and transgender folks to integrate felt experiences and develop pleasure patterns. 

Think of it this way: you know where your nose is. You know where your elbows are located. If somebody is touching your leg, you likely can tell if they're touching your ankle or your thigh. You've had practice being in and with these body parts and have developed your proprioception throughout most of your being. In fact, you may have developed a greater embodied sense of your anatomy through massage or structural integration at some point.  

But your pelvis?

Mapping is self-education. Through non-agenda'd touch (i.e. you're not here for medical reasons nor engaging in a sexual encounter), mapping allows you to discover areas of your body that, until now, may have been in the proverbial dark. 

Mapping is hands-on, although those hands could be your own with my guidance and a mirror. It requires the client to be fully present and in verbal communication with the practitioner. 

From discovering where your cervix is to addressing pelvic pain to reclaiming your body after an assault, mapping is a way to be in your body, for you. 

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