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As of May 1, 2023

Investment costs for all somatic sessions are offered on a tiered pricing structure. These pricing tiers are based on your  financial wealth, and not on what you want to pay. If you are white, able-bodied, employed, and partnered, you are not on the lowest tier. 

I am not interested in looking at any proof of income, financial resources, etc. I expect honesty and integrity from the people who choose to work with me.

I am largely moving away from single sessions. However, if we've already worked together, feel free to book one-off sessions!


 This is powerful work, and I want your full commitment to showing up for yourself regularly. I want to hold you in a consistent container so that you can use your momentum to forward your healing.


Somatic Coaching

Sex and Relationship

Trauma Integration

Pleasure Expansion

I offer four different price points for ongoing Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Sex and Relationship Coaching. Pricing is consistent for individual and couple's sessions. 

Payment Tier One: $170/session

For example: You own your own home, vehicles, and other large assets; you have access to healthcare; you can vacation every year; you have inherited or will inherit wealth; you are employed; you have a partner who also contributes to household income; you are a US citizen; you can buy most items new if you wish. For example, you're income is 3.5x or more of the federal poverty level and/or you have access to family wealth.


Payment Tier Two:  $138/session

For example: You have housing security through renting or owning; you may stress about monthly bills but are regularly able to pay them; you can vacation every few years without financial hardship; you can afford to keep your kitchen stocked with healthy foods; you have access to financial savings or family who can support you when needed; you own or lease a reliable vehicle; you have access to health care. Your income or equivalent is at least 2.5x federal poverty level. 


Payment Tier Three: $95/session

For example: You do not come from a background of financial wealth; you may be employed but not sustainably compensated by your employer; you are supporting a family as a single parent; you have experienced historical and/or cultural trauma; you have experienced cultural oppression due to you skin color, ethnicity, gender identity, and/or sexuality. Your income is around 1.5-2x the federal poverty level


Payment Tier Four$65/session

For example: Your needs for healthy food and access to health care are not secure. You do not have any family support or access to savings. You have experienced historical or cultural trauma that has impacted your ability to earn income. You are un- or underemployed. Your income is at or below the federal poverty level

Embodied Pelvic Care:

 Please refer to the tier descriptions above to find where you land. 


60 minutes

Tier One: $150

Tier Two: $125

Tier Three: $100

Tier Four: $75

120 minutes

Tier One: $250

Tier Two: $200

Tier Three and Four: $150

Embodied Pelvic Care is a combination of attuned nervous system support, sexuality support, anatomical education, and integrative touch.​ It is a restorative practice that brings balance and life into the pelvic bowl. ​​

Cancellation Policy

Please give as much notice for cancellations as possible. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee equal to 50% of your session cost. 

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