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Scar Tissue Remediation

Your entire body is held together by fascia- from your skin to your bones, from the large muscles groups to the DNA of your cells, fascia surrounds it all. Fascia allows tissues to slide and glide, lending motility to the body. 

When the body experiences physical trauma, through surgery or birth tears, for example, it forms scar tissue as a way to repair itself. Scar tissue is a thickening in the fascia that is stickier and denser than the surrounding tissue, reducing the slide and glide necessary for pain-free movement. 

c-section, scar tissue

Un-remediated scar tissue can continue to grow in the body as adhesions, effecting areas distant from the original injury. These adhesions can impinge nerves, reduce blood flow, and reduce mobility of tissue. Unaddressed scar tissue can cause pain or numbness. When scars are located in the pelvis or abdomen, they can also affect physiological arousal, making intercourse painful or difficult. 

Fortunately, scar tissue can be remediated through castor oil packs, self massage, and fascial manipulation. In cases of high inflammation, we may also address dietary and lifestyle patterns. Scars hold a lot of story, whether consciously or subconsciously. For this reason, I always incorporate Somatic Experiencing trauma tracking skills during scar tissue sessions.  

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