Menstrual Cycle Balancing

Virtual consultations available

A balanced menstrual cycle is an important aspect of a person's health. Are you living with periods that totally drain you, last weeks on end, or tie you to the bed with cramps? I work with menstruating individuals to address issues such as:

  • Missing periods

  • Flood bleeding

  • Cramps

  • PMS and PMDD

  • Fibroids, PCOS, and Endometriosis

  • Cycles less than 27 days

  • Cycles greater than 30 days

  • Chronic infections

I use Vaginal Steaming as a safe and effective treatment for vaginal infections, menstrual cramps, dysregulated menses, fibroids, endometriosis, and postpartum recovery. By coupling Vaginal Steaming with hands on uterine alignment work, lifestyle coaching, and energy work, I help women identify why their imbalances are arising and to remedy them.

Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator

I am certified through Steamy Chick, the leading authority on vaginal steaming in the the United States. 

After we do an intake together, I will determine what set of herbs will serve your needs best. Steam times and strength are also based on your personal constitution and needs.


  • 60 - 75 minute prenatal session

  • Steam stool rental for 60 days included

  • Guidance on steaming for labor preparation and postpartum healing

  • Check-ins as needed 

  • Up to two personalized herb blends ($40 value)

  • Pelvic bowl energetic work

Menstrual Cycle Balancing

All packages include a free consultation

Individual Session + follow up


  • 60-75 minute initial session

  • Detailed analysis of your menstrual cycle

  • 60 minute follow up 

  • Personalized herbal blend ($20 value)

In person sessions may include an in-office steam or hands-on womb care.

3-6 months

$250 - $450

  • 60 - 75 minute initial session

  • Detailed analysis of your menstrual cycle

  • 3-6 monthly 60 minute sessions to follow up each month and allow for protocol changes

  • Personalized herb blend ($20 value)

  • Pelvic bowl energetic work

  • Hands-on womb work (if in person) or guided pelvic mapping (if virtual)

Postpartum Steam Plan


Steam Stool Rentals Available - 

$50 per month

$35 per month for 3+ month rental

Home Steaming


Once we develop a protocol for you with the appropriate herbs and steaming schedule, you will be able to steam in the comfort of your own home. Steaming does not require any special set up, and can be done with just a kitchen pot and heat source to boil the water. However, many people who steam for ongoing menstrual health prefer to invest in a steam stool for ease and comfort. 

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Important note:

If you are interested in vaginal steaming, it is important that you talk to a qualified practitioner first. Although generally very safe, vaginal steaming can cause increased bleeding in people with uterine fatigue, and is not appropriate for some conditions (including pregnancy).