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Through the Looking Glass

Maternity Support Package

A collaboration between Missoula birth photographer Jenna Nord and postpartum educator Prairie Wolfe 

As babies continue to gestate, growing wrapped warmly in the womb, protected and secure, we are being asked to make decisions that could impact them for the rest of their lives.⁣

Decisions around pregnancy and birth may feel unclear- social distancing and isolation are necessary for protecting our health. Yet for our animal bodies to open and relax into birth, our systems need to feel the safety and security of our tribe. ⁣

We want to help clarify the path. ⁣

Social distancing is our current reality, but we don't think that means you have to feel alone while you navigate pregnancy.⁣

Now is the time to be Nourished.⁣

Now is the time to be witnessed in your power, to be seen and upheld, to be exalted during this rite of passage.⁣

Now is the time to find clarity, to know your innate wisdom, to come home to your body.⁣

Through the Looking Glass Maternity Photo Shoot

with Jenna Nord Photography

2 hours of Nervous System Support and Postpartum Planning⁣

with Prairie Wolfe


Only 5 packages available. ⁣
Photos limited to 6 digital files and 6 prints. ⁣


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